South Devon cattle

The Tregoose Herd

Award Winning South Devon Cattle


The Tregoose Herd of Pedigree South Devon Cattle breeding lines are traceable to the early days of the South Devon Herd Book Society.

The Tregoose Herd was founded in 2005 with the superb Penbugle and Waddeton female lines. They were swiftly joined by a proven Edmeston stock bull.  

Between 2005 to 2017 no further animals were acquired other than the outstanding Erme, Trevassack, Tregondale and Kestle stock bulls.  The judicious use of AI has gone on to introduce the renowned male bloodlines of Grove, Woodhayes, and SAS Rufford to further build the Tregoose Herd.  

In 2016 the opportunity arose to purchase Snowdrop and Kay female lines from the Lumbylaw dispersal sale, both of which now have females in our herd.   Other than the two Lumbylaw cows and carefully selected stock bulls, the Tregoose Herd is otherwise closed. 

Herd Health

We operate a high herd health status with BVD, IBR, Johannes, Neospora and Leptospirosis accreditation / vaccination through Biobest Laboratories, we are TB free, Breedplan perfromance recorded and the entire herd is independently DNA and Myostatin tested by Animal Health Trust.