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Cornwall Safari Tents

We are currently accepting bookings for 2020!


Holiday is defined as a period set aside by custom or by law when our normal activities, especially business or work, are suspended. Sadly, however, many people find themselves returning from a holiday even more stressed than before they left home.  

Does that sound familiar?  

The modern world doesn't help.  We are fearful to switch off our phones should we miss some vital piece of news critical to our very existence. Work emails, Whatsapp or Instagram are suddenly as essential as the very oxygen breath to maintain our survival.  

Cornish Safaris - Luxury Glamping with a twist

To escape the madness of the modern world we offer just two Cornwall Safari tents across our farm.  If it's Cornwall glamping you're after, this is Glamping with a capital G, offering our discerning guests the luxury of unabashed escapism in the real countryside.  

This is a truly unique experience.  You might imagine yourselves transported back in time to 19th Century Africa where you lie in bed, your canvas tent the only protection between you and the man-eating lions.  Did you secure that flap? Or perhaps you are in an Arabian Bedouin tent, camels tethered outside.

We can’t offer you lions, elephant, not even a Helford River crocodile and our South Devon bull despite his acting credentials won’t pass for a Cape Buffalo.  That said our Cornish Safari tents offer you and your partner a scrumptious king-size bed with goose down pillows and handmade Irish linen, and the drinks cabinet is stocked with a with a bottle of bubby, the finest single malt and of course a medicinal G&T to fight off the risk of malaria.

Heating and boiling a kettle is on a wood burning stove, cooking is on a small gas oven with two ring hob and outside is an Aussie-style BBQ.  

Views to envy

You can watch the world go by from a traditional canvas chair, and whilst we can’t promise wandering elephants or man-eating lion, we can offer roe deer, badgers, otters, brown trout and rabbits.

We include complimentary books to transport you back in time, a pair of binoculars, a writing desk to write a letter to your friends (remember that thing called a letter?) and some guides to the local wildlife.

Sustainability and relaxation go hand in hand and so we regularly move each of our Cornish Safari tents to a different farm location. Your accommodation will be quite literally in a field of cows or overlooking the harvest with state of the art machinery. There are no paths, the water for the slipper bath needs to be heated, the toilet is shall we say rustic and your lighting is from an oil  lamp. 

We hope we've enticed you! 

Our Cornish Safari tents are available between 1st May to the 30th September.  Each tent measures a spacious 5x5m and whilst we generally cater for couples, extra beds can be added for a modest fee.  We can also place the two tents in the same location, for which there is also a modest charge.

The tents are available from the 1st May to 30th October each year.